Hampton Pools & Landscape


Pool Maintenance

Sit back and relax

 The idea of a pool is to enjoy it when you have your down time. Hampton Pool Services allows you to play in the pool and not work on it.  We know summer time relaxing or with family is precious so we take the care on to free up your time. 

Weekly Maintenance

Enjoy your weekend

Hampton Pools offers a variety of services for your weekly pool upkeep. We make sure it’s not only clean, we also keep the pool chemistry in check which is key to pool longevity and clear water.  Checking the pool equipment and making sure your filters are ready and working. Now you can sit back relax and enjoy the weekend.  


Pool Openings Closings

 Hampton Pools will make sure your pool is open and ready for the season. We also will put it to bed for the winter.  As Well we install winter covers when needed. 

Pool Equipment Servicing

Keep it all in working order


If something isn’t sounding right or your pool is green, your equipment may not be functioning properly. We will check it all out and provide you with a report on the equipment.  We provide a written quote for repair and replacement of worn parts to get your pool back up and running. 



Automatic pool covers provide a variety of benefits. From pool safety, keeping your pool warm, clean, and your chemicals in balance. Automatic covers make it easy to get out and start swimming. No more winding up the solar cover and remembering to put in on at night.